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Calling All Survivalists, Surfers, Retirees, Pizza Lovers, and Everyone In Between

R1 550 000
Agent: Joshua Ford
Contact number: 064-219-6366

If you are thinking about going off the grid, then now is the time to do so! This beautiful and spacious contemporary style open-plan home could be exactly what you're looking for. Uniquely eco-friendly, this care-free haven is going to be bringing you many memories but more importantly, even more pizza, from your very own wood-fired pizza oven, as well as a herb garden for fresh herbs, watered by the homes' very own impressive water supply, provided by 7 JoJo tanks. The structure is not only cleverly designed, but brings a warm and welcoming feeling as the open-plan living area and high ceilings create an open and free space. Sporting an indoor braai AND an outdoor fireplace, as well as an immaculate vintage-style woodfire stove - located inside to keep warm and cozy on cold winter days. The home is equipped with a gas stove and gas geyser.
The impressive electrical system uses solar panels to power the whole house, as well as a 7KVA inverter and 2 powerful 5.9KVA lithium batteries. The water supply comprises a 15kl storage capacity utilizing a carbon filter on a reverse osmosis system. Usually sourced from fresh stored rainwater, however can be swapped over to municipal water supply if ever needed.
This property is located near the ocean, so is prefect for a Sunday drive or an afternoon stroll down to the beach. E&OE
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